The Great SLAM of European Randonnèe

Obtaining the "Europe Challenge Randonnèe" ECR award means achieving homologations by participating in the 4 most coveted and longest Randonnèe on the European Continent, within a cycle of 4 consecutive years.

The great SLAM European Randonnèe ECR includes in the 4 consecutive years the following events PBP (Paris - Brest -Paris) + 1001 Miglia Italy + LEL (London-Edinburgh-London) + a brevet >1200km in a European Nation excluding France-Italy-England.

In order to receive the certificate, the cyclist must communicate the LRM (Les Randonneurs Mondiaux) approval number for each patent in which he has participated, within a cycle of 4 consecutive years.

Each certificate issued is unique and made recognisable by an alphanumeric code, derived from each four-year cycle and traceable to the randonneur.

Congratulations on having completed the great SLAM of the European Randonnèe ECR, the table below lists the cyclists who have obtained this coveted award in the 2015/2018 and 2019/2022 cycle periods.

Here is the certificate that you receive as EUROPE CHALLENGE RANDONNÈEUR, you will be sent an email to your personal address, in which you will be asked to confirm the LRM codes obtained in the four randonnèe disputed in a cycle of 4 consecutive years

Entra nel mondo della 1001 Miglia Italia

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